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Top Soil Installation

Installation of top soil we provide is bagged top soil or by the top soil

weight/yard of your specification. We provide the best commercial

grade top soil there is.

Sod Installation

Installation of sod come in a variety choices to choose from. We will

provide you with recommendations as to what sod is best for your


Mulch Installation

Installation of mulch come in a variety of colors to choose from. We

provide bagged mulch or mulch by the weight/yard of your


Weeding Removal

Removal of the weeds is done by hand-weeding or by chemical. We

will take care of and clear any unsightly weeds that plagues your land.

Fertilization Application

Application of fertilizers we provide are bagged, organic, and

chemical. We provide fertilizer application to lawn, plants, shrubs,

trees, and palms.

Irrigation and Sprinkler Installation

Installation of an irrigation system is a necessity to upkeep any land

environment in sunny South Florida due to the dry weather. We

provide all sorts of sprinkler installation, whether it's sufficient water

coverage you need or an eco-environmentally friendly irrigation


Irrigation and Sprinkler Repair

Repairing any irrigation or sprinkler problems is no hassle for us,

we provide a dedicated irrigation technician to come work for you

and resolve your irrigation or sprinkler problems you may have.

Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining lawn gives a great appeal to any land. Our professional

work crew will precisely mow your lawn depending on the season

so the lawn roots can retain soil moisture and be healthy for

sustainable lawn growth.   

Tree and Palm Trimming

Trimming of trees and palms is done to maintain the growth and to

get rid of any overgrown, dying, and dead tree limbs or palm

fronds and to prevent any accidents by a flimsy tree limb or palm

frond that can potentially hit personal property or someone. 

We also provide tree and palm trimming services as to shaping for a neat and great appearance.

Tree, Palm, and Plant Installation

Installation of trees, palms, and plants come in a wide range of

selection to choose from. We'll provide recommendations as to the

best options for you when it comes to tree, palm, and plant


Tree, Palm, and Plant Relocation

Relocation of trees, palms, and plants can be moved just about

anywhere at your request of choice. We'll also give you

recommendations as to where is the best place of relocation for

absolute growth of any tree, palm, and plant health.

Tree, Palm, and Plant Removal

Removal of trees, palms, and plants is done by our expert work

crew by manually removing or by using machinery to remove the

tree, palm, and or plant.

Hurricane Preparation

During hurricane season we provide hurricane preparation

trimming services around the month of June or July by trimming all

trees and palms to prevent accumulation of tree and palm debris

and to prevent any damages to building structures, vehicles, and

land if a hurricane was to brace. We also provide pre-existing hurricane shutters set-up.

Landscaping Debris Pick-Up and Clean-Up

We provide services of picking and cleaning-up landscape debris which may result from a tropical storm after math. We also

provide services of hauling away broken tree bark as a result from

acts of nature and including leaf removal.

Pressure Washing and Cleaning

When in need of a spotless or a grime free driveway

(sidewalk/walkway/entryway, porch/patio, courtyard, deck, fence, and or wall) we'll get the job done by pressure washing and or cleaning the surface where the problem is located.

Commercial Maintenance

We provide lawn, landscaping, and trimming services for

Communities, Service Plazas, Shopping Centers, and Corporate Businesses. We provide our services whether it's a one time job or a routinely maintenance.

Other Services We Also Provide

Upkeep of plant beds.

Bush, ficus, shrub, topiary, and ground cover trimming.

Pest control application.

Acorn, pine, palm seed, and coconut removal.

Stump removal and root removal.

Stabilization of trees, palms, and plants.

And Much More........ You Name It, We Do It All!

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